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Whole Sprouted Bread

Baked By:

GVT Inc.,

2896 West 12th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11224


A simple courtesy…

As a courtesy to our printing customers and their clients exclusive to Brooklyn, we are proud to present a simple pages. Those of you who come in for the printing needs, are usually in need of a website, hence we have the pages that are made specifically to introduce the product of our printing clients without the web presence.

This month we feature one of the best bread makers in South Brooklyn area. Their new product is called Whole Sprouted Grain Bread – a unique and healthy bread, that is made from whole sprouted grains, without flour or any preservatives. The value of this bread is in its vast amount of vitamins. With each loaf you will feel more energized, you will improve your digestive system and will start to lose weight.

Scroll down and read more information about this unique product.

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First and foremost, let us introduce ourselves.

bread1-1024x768We are the bakery that specializes in baking sprouted grain products. Our breads are a niche products, unique and in demand. During our initial product research we noticed that New York City had very small amount of bakers producing sprouted grain products. We decided to open up a small bakery which was suppose to serve the local community with unique product. So we did just that and results were stunning.

The demand for our product had risen exponentially, resulting in enlarging our operations, hiring professional bread makers, and extending our baking facilities. We take great pride in our work and treat every customer as part of our family.

Our baking method is based on the processing of grain sprouted with the natural fermentation. All the natural processes provide the product with perfect flavor, allow for long-term storage and bring about its most unique medicinal and preventive qualities.

The better bread that makes you feel energized and more healthy. Whole Sprouted Bread – The Living Bread.



whole.grain_-300x288Grains are the seeds of certain plants, largely cereal grasses. Like all seeds, grain kernels are a marvel of nature, containing the potential of a whole new plant, patiently waiting its turn in the sun.

All three edible parts of the whole grain – the germ, endosperm, and bran – are crucial to creating the new plant. The germ is the plant embryo, which, when it grows, will feed on the starchy endosperm. The bran layers provide some additional nutrients and — along with the inedible husk found on many grains – help protect the grain seed until it’s ready to start the growth cycle.

Until then, the seed counts on certain built-in growth inhibitors to keep it from germinating until temperature and moisture conditions are just right. Then, once sprouting starts, enzyme activity wipes out these growth inhibitors and transforms the long-term-storage starch of the endosperm to simpler molecules that are easily digested by the growing plant embryo.


sporouted.grain_-228x300Just as the baby plant finds these enzyme-activated simple molecules easier to digest, so too may some people. Proponents of sprouted grains claim that grains that have just begun sprouting – those that are straddling the line between a seed and a new plant, as shown here — offer all the goodness of whole grains, while being more readily digested.

What’s more, the sprouting process apparently increases the amount and bio-availability of some vitamins (notably Vitamin C) and minerals, making sprouted grains a potential nutrition powerhouse.

There is at this time no regulated definition of ‘sprouted grain.’  Consumers who want to understand what they are eating, and companies who are considering manufacturing or marketing sprouted grains may find it useful to review and compare existing industry definitions.


Studies show that eating whole sprouted grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. While benefits are most pronounced for those consuming at least 3 servings daily, some studies show reduced risks from as little as one serving daily. The message: every whole sprouted grain in your diet helps!

Of course, these benefits are most pronounced in the context of an overall healthy diet. No one food – even whole sprouted grains – will guarantee good health. It’s also important to remember that some whole sprouted grain foods are healthier than others. Sure a whole sprouted grain cookie is better for you than a refined grain one, all other ingredients being equal — but it’s still a cookie!

All information is taken from various online sources that are major proponents of the whole sprouted grain breads, manufacturers and retailers.



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